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Time to Eat

Breakfast (eat all day)

Toast/ sourdough or raisin toast 8.50

Vegemite, peanut butter or preserves

Classic bacon and free-range eggs 15.90

cooked your way on sourdough

Sautéed Swiss Brown mushroom 18.90 (V)

with sesame, ginger, cheesy pumpkin splash and grilled citrus on chargrilled sourdough

Bacon and Egg Roll 12.90

with house made BBQ sauce, caramelised onion on a milk bun

Janek’s Granola 16.90

Cranberry and date granola with fresh berries poached pear and labneh (v)

Janek’s Cure 25.90

Free-range eggs, bacon, Swiss Brown mushrooms, grilled tomato, gilled haloumi and sourdough

Benny Eggs 19.90

with cured leg ham, hollandaise and crackling on sourdough

Eggmany burger 14.90

scrambled egg, sriracha mayo, vintage cheddar and bacon

Avocado, labneh & zaatar on chargrilled sourdough 15.00

add smoked salmon 4.90

Lunch (eat all day)

150g Wagyu beef burger 23.90

American cheese, truffle mayo, beetroot relish and fat chips

with Peroni lager 27.9

Scotch Fillet Steak Sandwich 26.90

with vintage cheddar, rocket, tomato and garlic aioli with fat chips

Free range chicken burger 23.90

with pickles, salad, sriracha mayo and fat chips

with a glass of Stoneleigh savblanc 27.90

Buttermilk grilled chicken & heirloom tomato salad 19.00

goats cheese, rocket, croutons, pepitas and honey mustard dressing

with a glass of Stoneleigh sav blanc 24.90

Soup du jour with toast 14.90


fat chips with Sriracha sauce and grated parmesan 10.90
leg ham – emmental and mustard sandwich 15.00
smoked salmon – labneh, rocket and onion sandwich 16.00
vego sandwich – labneh, olives, zaatar, tomato and cucumber 15.00 (V)


two rashers of bacon 5.50
Swiss Brown mushrooms 5.50
grilled tomato 4.00
seasonal avocado 5.00
spinach 4.00
smoked salmon 4.90


5% of weekends
15% on public holidays


Different people will invariably drink different types of coffee, and for different reasons. You probably know someone whose morning routine includes a tiny cup of espresso, drunk solely for caffeinating purposes. On the other hand, you may also know someone whose idea of a lovely morning is sitting down with a tall, foamy latte and thoroughly enjoying every sip of it. The point is, there are a lot of options to pick from when it comes to coffee! And if you want to know more about them, you’ve come to the right place.


Campos Coffee white/black  cup 4.20
Campos Coffee white/black  mug 4.90
Filter coffee / Batch brew 6.50
Green Tea Matcha Latte cup 5.50
Green Tea Matcha Latte mug 5.50
Turmeric Latte cup 5.50
Turmeric Latte mug 6.50

Pots of teas + tisanses by T2 5.00

English Breakfast / Orange Pekoe / Lemongrass + Ginger / Peppermint / Earl Grey / Sencha Green

Babychino  2.30


Hot chocolate 5.00
Chai 5.00
Mocha 5.00

Soy / Almond / Decaf / Flavour Syrup +50c


Cold Brew 5.00
Affogato 6.50
Iced Latte 6.50
Iced Coffee / Chocolate 7.50
Milkshakes chocolate / strawberry / vanilla / caramel 6.50
KIDS Milkshakes chocolate / strawberry / vanilla / caramel 4.90
Freshly squeezed juice red blended / green blended 8.50
Protein shake w/ banana + organic coconut oil 9.50
Smoothie banana / berry 7.50
Soft drinks 4.50
Still water 4.00
Sparkling water 375ml 4.50
Sparkling water 500ml 7.90
Beer 7.50
Wine 9.00


We’re not trying to be cool but if you want to lock down your seat for your next weekday visit, make a reservation today of four or more. Due to high volume of trade we are unable to book for weekends or public holidays..